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The death of a loved one is not easy - we need the support of family, friends and those we trust. It is a time when we are grateful for the care and prayers of others - especially the church.Candle

A Funeral Service

Most people choose to have some kind of Christian funeral service and the clergy/ministers at St Chad’s are often asked to assist in local funerals.

This is an area of ministry in which the staff have been specially trained. They are aware that families often have particular issues or questions to consider and need wise and sensitive guidance.

Funeral Directors

For many families, the Funeral Director is the first point of contact. Funeral Directors have a high degree of professionalism and expertise and will help and advise you in all the arrangements of a funeral. If you contact the Funeral Director first, they will normally make the arrangements with the clergy.

St Chad's Funerals

The clergy at St Chad’s are often asked to lead funeral services at Hutcliffe Wood Chapel (for a cremation service) or Abbey Lane Chapel (for a burial service).

Some families choose to have a service in church first and then go on to the crematorium or grave-side for final prayers. This costs a little extra but allows more time and space for the funeral service, which some families prefer.

We are more than happy to advise you if you are unsure whether to have a church service or not.


The loss of a loved one often stirs up emotions, concerns and questions. St Chad’s is able to assist those who need particular support at such a time, if that support is required.

We will listen. We will pray. We can offer particular bereavement support, if necessary. Do talk to one of the Staff Team, or contact the Church Office if we can assist you in this way. 

You may find the Church of England funerals website helpful as you think through how you best wish to commemorate the life of your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who normally takes the funeral service?

Church of England funerals are normally led by one of the ministers / clergy of your local parish church. St Chad’s is the parish church of Woodseats and most of Chancet Wood and Beauchief. Occasionally we help clergy in other areas who are unavailable to take a funeral service.

Do I need to be baptised or confirmed to be have a service in church?

No. Anyone may have a service in church if they wish.

What happens in a funeral service?

A Christian funeral service normally includes prayers, reading(s) from the bible and an address (or eulogy) about the person who has died. Hymns or songs can also be sung.

Who does the address?

Often families ask the person who is leading the service to give an address. However we are more than happy if a family member or friend wishes to give a tribute as well and we can give any advice on this, if necessary.

Will I be contacted by one of the clergy?

If you make the funeral arrangements directly with the Funeral Director, they will organise arrangements with the clergy, who will then contact you.

Normally you will be visited in your home, or a convenient location, by the person taking the service, so that details of the service and address can be discussed.

How much does it cost?

Funeral Directors’ charges include a fee that is paid to the clergy. This includes a small travel allowance and then a fee (set by parliament) which is passed on to the Diocese of Sheffield, to go towards clergy salaries. The clergy at St Chad’s do not keep the fees.

If you choose to have a service in church, there is a charge for the use of the building, organist, etc. This is included as a disbursement within the fees paid to the Funeral Directors.