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Have A Go Show

Have a Go ShowSaturday, 14th September 2024
St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue

The aim of the Have a Go show is to display the work and talents of the local community. Everyone is encouraged to enter even if this is your first year of growing, making and baking, especially if you have never entered a show before. Judging and awarding of certificates are to add a bit of fun to the event and reward efforts.

This year’s event will be raising funds for the charity BLOOM. Based in Heeley this charity provides a safe space for women within a community garden. Growing flowers, picking and arranging bouquets/wreaths, collaborating and selling and supporting women.  

Instructions for the Show


Vegetable and Fruit Section

1. Three potatoes any variety
2. Three onions - dressed
3. Three onions - as grown
4. Three carrots
5. Two leeks - show with root and top
6. Six tomatoes – show with small stalk and calyx
7. Six runner beans
8. Three mixed veg – not otherwise in schedule (please name on card)
9. Three bulbs garlic
10. Three beetroot globes – show with tops
11. One green cabbage – show with root trimmed
12. Three courgettes (similar length, max 25cm)
13. Longest Vegetable
14. Heaviest Vegetable
15. Ten soft fruit on a plate eg blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries
16. Five fruit on a plate – not otherwise in schedule
17. Three rhubarb stems – show with tops and root
18. Five apples on a plate

19. Adult  - Animal made out of fruit and/or vegetable
20. Child -  Animal made out of fruit and/or vegetables

Floral section

21. One Vase of Three Dahlias – same length and colour
22. One vase of Three Mixed Dahlias
23. One chrysanthemum - spray
24. Three gladioli – any variety
25. One single rose in glass/vase – 6-8 inch stem
26. Miniature floral arrangement (must not exceed 15cm overall)
27. Floral arrangement (must not exceed 60cm overall)
28. One vase mixed garden flowers
29. Six pansy or viola heads on a plate

30. Child – ‘recycle/reuse’ miniature garden – made in an empty sweet or biscuit box 

Preserves Section 

31. Jar of fruit jam
32. Jar of fruit jelly
33. Jar of chutney
34. Jar of pickle eg beetroot, onions etc 
35. Jar of marmalade
36. Jar of fruit curd

Baking Section 

37. Four sweet biscuits/cookies one variety
38. Sweet “free from”  baked item eg gluten free, dairy free
39. One decorated cake (only decoration to be judged, not the cake)
40. Baked item containing unusual fruit or vegetable - please supply descriptive label 
41. Victoria Sandwich 7 inch (175g self raising flour; 175g caster  sugar; 175g butter; vanilla essence; three eggs; raspberry jam; no dusting) 

42. Child – Victoria Sandwich, as  
43. Child – Four decorated biscuits – decoration only to be judged, not the biscuit (biscuit base can be bought) 

Needlecraft Section

44. One embroidery item
45. One knitted or crocheted item 
46. 'Recycle/reuse' clothing item - please supply photo or description of previous use
47. One sewn item

48. Child – one item from any of the above.

Art Section

49. Single photograph – theme ‘Flowers’ (single photo not composition) 
50. Single hand produced picture eg pencil, pastel, oil, charcoal or watercolour
51. One 'recycle/reuse' handmade decorative item - please supply photo or description of previous use

52. Child – single hand-produced picture - theme 'recycle/reuse'