St Chad's Woodseats

Living a Life of Faith, Energised by Love


Friendship logoFriendship group folksFriendship group is a friendly fortnightly Thursday afternoon group. Sharing stories, memories, playing games and entertainment.

 What a busy time we are having with plenty of fun, a good spoonful of conversation and a dash of memories. We have guessed the value of some antiques (no, not me), spoken of memories from the war that entertained everyone, taken an ‘old money quiz’ (£.s.d for younger readers), held a swapping party and our version of Room 101 oh and an occasional choc or two! Our members may be a little stiff in their joints but they are lively with loads of laughter. I have enjoyed the first few months since joining the team and look forward to the coming meetings. Thank you to Sue, Sylvia, Annie and Doreen, the supportive team members.