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 Faith at Home Activities 1

Up, up and away

If you’ve got a Bible you can find the story in Acts chapter 1 verses 1 to 12.

Part 1: 

Jesus has been with his friends for almost six weeks since they had first seen him alive again. He had walked with them, talked with them, had meals with them including making a breakfast BBQ on the beach.

He had helped them understand why he had come from God to this world as a baby. Then when he was 30, he’d begun to travel around. He’d made sick people well, lonely people welcome and had even turned a disaster at a wedding into a fantastic celebration!

Then he had been unjustly killed. He could have escaped but he knew that this was why he had come to this earth – to die, to make it possible for people to friends with God. That was on a Friday. Two days later, he was seen alive again. But now it was time for him to leave, to go back to his father in heaven.

Make a mini DIY cloud

You will need: a glass jar with a lid; four to five ice cubes; warm (not boiling) water; hairspray/deodorant or similar aerosol spray

 Warm up the jar by pouring warm water into it and swirling it around. Drop the ice cubes in and quickly put the lid back on. Then squirt a blast of hairspray or deodorant into the jar and clap the lid back on as quickly as you can. Watch carefully as you take the lid off and release your mini cloud! 

Note: In the Bible, the people of Israel escaped from Egypt and travelled for many years in the desert. God sometimes appeared to his people as a cloud. There is a cloud in today’s story!

Talk about: 3 things are needed to make a cloud – moist warm air, something to cool it down, something to form the nucleus of a droplet. Usually in a raincloud, the nuclei are provided by specks of dust – here it’s the hairspray!

Part 2

When your teachers knew school was going to be closed for a few weeks, they made sure you and your family were prepared. They gave you material so you could go on learning while you were away from school.

 Jesus was preparing his friends for when he would leave them, making sure they’d be OK. One day they were having a meal together when he told them to stay in the city of Jerusalem. He also told them that in a few days someone special would come to help them all, in ways they couldn’t imagine!

Rising food

Prepare something to eat that has to rise before it can be eaten - a cake in the microwave, homemade bread or, if you feel really adventurous, a soufflé. Or make some sandwiches that began life as dough waiting to rise! Eat these now or wait until Ascension Day on 21st May when Christians celebrate Jesus’ return to his father.

Part 3

Later Jesus met up with his disciples again, about a kilometre from Jerusalem. They thought the time had come for Jesus to proclaim himself as King. But he didn’t do that. Instead he told them that very soon the Holy Spirit (who is God-everywhere) was going to come on them. He would give them the power and the ability to go all over the world and tell people about Jesus!

And as he was saying this, Jesus seemed to be lifted from off the ground and rose up and up until he disappeared into a cloud – and they couldn’t see him any more!

 All over the world 

Play a game to see how many countries in the world you can name. Lists of countries are on the web. Do you know anyone whose family comes from one of these countries? Take one country with a long name, like Papua New Guinea, and see how many words you can make out of the name eg WEEPING.

Ever since Jesus went back to his father, people have been travelling all over the world to tell others about Jesus. Often they have had to learn another language and many new words to do so.

Part 4

Jesus’ disciples were still looking up into the sky, when they realised two men dressed in white were standing beside them (probably angels!) They looked at the amazed disciples and said, “What are doing staring up into the sky with your mouths open? Jesus has gone but he will come back someday. So you’d better get on with what he’s told you to do.”

Jesus’ disciples returned to Jerusalem and waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus promised. They were in for a surprise. More of that next week!                          

 Talk about:

Bubble prayers

You will need: bubble mixture; blowers – preferably go outside

Jesus’ first disciples were watching him when he disappeared in today’s story.

Take it in turns to blow bubbles and as you watch the bubbles rise in the air then disappear (or burst), call out someone’s name you’d like God to show his kindness to. It could be people in hospital, healthcare workers, friends, family, government, countries without good healthcare, anyone sad, teachers.

 Talk with God together


The UK Blessing (Kids), which has gone viral, based on the blessing in Numbers 6: 24-26. Listen to it and pray for your children, their friends, for yourself and for our nation.

‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favour and give you his peace.’


Adapted from, and with thanks to, Barnabas in Schools, Messy Church (BRF)