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 Faith at Home Activities 5

Faith at Home

If you’ve got a Bible you can find the story in Mark chapter 5 verses 21 to 43.

Part 1: 

Jesus was with a crowd of people by the lakeside when a man named Jairus approached. He was a leader in the local synagogue. He must have heard all about Jesus. He dropped down onto his knees in front of Jesus.

“You’ve got to help me Jesus,” he begged. “My little daughter is very seriously ill. I’m afraid she will die. Come to my home and lay your hands upon her to heal her.”

Jesus set off immediately with Jairus. The crowd wanted to see what would happen, so they set off too. Everyone was walking towards Jairus’ home.

Jairus’ house

You will need: a shoebox with a lid, sticky tape, paint, paintbrushes, pencils, tissue paper, card

Draw or cut out the windows and a door on the lid to create a 1st century house. You could create steps going up the side. Paint the front and roof, or all of the house. Create a mat, a sick 12-year-old, her parents, Jesus and possibly 3 disciples out of card, fabric, lollipop sticks etc.

The story begins with a very sick girl whose dad thought she might die. Talk about the illnesses your children and anyone else you know have had. What do you/they remember? What was it like to know someone you love is sick? Can you imagine what it was like for this dad, Jairus?

Part 2: 

The crowd was moving slowly which stopped Jesus from hurrying to the house of Jairus. Jesus didn’t know that just behind him was a woman who was pushing her way to towards him. She had been ill for 12 years. She also had heard about Jesus. She thought that if she touched Jesus’ coat, she would be healed. She bent down, touched the bottom of his coat and immediately she knew she was better.

She was backing through the crowd when Jesus turned round. “Who touched me?” he called out. There were crowds of people jostling and touching Jesus, but he knew one person had touched him wanting to be healed. He kept looking around and he caught her eye. Feeling afraid, she fell at Jesus’ feet. “It was me,” she whispered.

Jesus told her she had done the right thing. He had indeed healed her.

Obstacle course

You will need: various objects to create an obstacle course

If possible, make this an outdoor one, using everyone’s initiative and inventiveness, whatever is appropriate for the age and ability of the family!

Talk about the fact that even though there was a huge crowd surrounding Jesus, the woman was desperate and determined to get to him. She never gave up. The father was also desperate and would do anything to get Jesus to come and see his daughter. What obstacles got in the way of Jairus and the woman?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt everything was pressing in on you, just too many obstacles - at school, at work, in your home or family? What did you do? How did you feel?

Part 3: 

Jesus had started to walk on towards Jairus’ house when one of his servants ran up to Jairus. “Your daughter has died,” he said. “There’s nothing Jesus can do now!”

But nothing was going to stop Jesus, certainly not the crowd. He quickly went with Jairus taking only three of his disciples. “Don’t be afraid! Trust me!” At the door to the house there were already lots of visitors, very sad and crying loudly. They told him he was too late. Jesus told them to leave. Nothing was going to stop him.

Talk-to-Jesus coat

You will need: scraps of pale fabric (to represent Jesus’ cloak) and/or card in different colours; textile markers; fine marker pens; pencils; scissors (zigzag/pinking shears if possible)

The woman did not ask Jesus to heal her. She just touched his coat. It was as though the coat was her way of talking with Jesus. So, cut out the shape of a long coat from fabric or card. Write or draw on the long coat something you want to say to Jesus. It could be something for a friend or a family member who is ill or even asking for a miracle. Use it as a bookmark or stick it somewhere you can see it every day.

Talk about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong. Younger children may find this difficult, although many are aware that ‘people have been poorly’ these last months. Life has been different! Jesus didn’t want the sick woman or Jairus, to be afraid. “Trust me!” he said. That’s what he says to us now! Is there anything stopping you from trusting that Jesus hears you?

Part 4: 

Jesus took his disciples, Jairus and his wife into the room where the little girl was lying. “Trust me!” he was saying. He bent over her and taking her by the hand he said, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”

Immediately, she stood up and began to walk around. Her mum and dad were so shocked...and delighted all at the same time. She was alive again!

“Give her something to eat!” Jesus told them.

Special food

Imagine you are Jairus. Your daughter has died and has now been brought back to life. Jesus tells you to give her something to eat! What food would you want to give her? Would it be her favourite food, something to make her strong again (she’s been sick with fever for several days), a snack as you want her to eat as quickly as possible, something you could share together to celebrate?

Make a snack or main meal using the food you’d want to give Jairus’ daughter if you’d been there. Enjoy eating it!                    

Talk about what you like best about Jesus in this story. Use the shoebox house to retell the story together.

Jesus was God, come as a human being to this earth. He knows when we are afraid. He loves us. We can trust him. As Jairus and his wife told Jesus, tell God how grateful you are. This song may help you. ‘Father God, you love me, and you know me inside out. 

Adapted from, and with thanks to, Barnabas in Schools, Messy Church (BRF)